You'll arrive at Urausu, overlooking the Ishikari River after an hour's drive from Sapporo.
There are beautiful seasonal countryside and wine vineyards that vary from season to season. A small town full of nature with delicious vegetables and lots of cute little animals.

Cycling tour from May to October You can ride a bike through the charming town of Japanese countryside and old stone buildings. During the tour, stop by Tsurunuma Winery, the largest planted area in Japan, and local farmers to discover the charm of Urasu.

Farming experience from July to September, from January to February You can get lots of delicious vegetables and fruits such as melons and button buckwheat, mainly rice cultivation in Urausu. You can also harvest vegetables under the snow in winter. You can actually see how the farmers make the ingredients you eat in your daily life and experience the harvest.

Snowshoe tour from January to March Snowshoes are Western swordfish. You can stroll through the dazzling snowy fields and forests shining in the sun while stepping on the soft snow. If you are lucky, you may be able to meet birds and small animals. Please taste the Urasu town unique to winter.